Friends Keeping Friends Safe

There wasn’t enough being done about sexual assault in the City of Lancaster. So we did something about it.

We’re your friends and neighbors. You see us out and about at Central Market and at shows and at all Lancaster’s street festivals. We’re on your Instagram Feed all the time liking your selfies and rants against the government. And we’re here for you if you or someone you know is sexually harassed or assaulted to talk through your options, comfort you, and support you however we can.

Friends Keeping Friends Safe (FKFS) is a group of local young people who want to lend a helping hand when incidents of sexual assault occur. FKFS is not sponsored by any organization, including Planned Parenthood or the local police. Every member has received training from a facilitator at the YWCA, but we are a completely independent neighborhood watch group with the sole purpose of taking a visible stand against sexual violence.

Find us while you’re out and about to talk, cry, escape, or just ask questions. We’re your friends, and we’re here to keep you safe.