Meet the People who started Friends Keeping Friends Safe

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I’m a Lancaster native who has discovered my roots here; I have grounded my heart in the people and the music community. My work involves sharing the stories I hear and building positive energy around them. I will use that energy to promote and protect safer spaces for all of us.



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If you didn’t know Kelly walked into the room, you’ll know it as soon as you hear her laugh (and she’s always laughing). You can usually find her slinging up lattes at the local cafe or running around the city looking for the closest pickleback shot. Get ready to answer some weird questions about your likes and dislikes because she’s eager to know you as a true person; inside and out.
Fulfilling a two-year vow to go to (at least) one local gig a month, the music community in Lancaster has become more of a comfort to her than she could have originally imagined. And, she will go out of her way to make sure that everyone in the community feels that same fuzzy feeling.

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Ryan loves connecting people together through lights, sound, and entertainment. He is wildly passionate about co-creating safe, respectful, creative, environments for women, people of color and the LGBTQ community where they feel connected, empowered and safe to express themselves.

Born a woman and as a trans person himself, Ryan knows first-hand the difficulties within the music and art industry and has seen many injustices not just towards himself but to all minorities. This has inspired him to take innovative action, creating and transforming environments, helping others to have the courage to speak up and raise their voices while fostering open and loving attitudes within the community.

Savannah Thorpe


Savannah “Sav” Thorpe has been in the City of Lancaster and making waves since 2016 when she returned from six months in Ghana, West Africa. Savannah studied English¬†and Economics at IUP and presently works at BrandYourself in downtown Lancaster. Between the reading and research she’s done into feminist literature and the lived experiences of both herself and her friends, Sav decided that twitter activism simply wasn’t enough and was shortly thereafter drafted into the FKFS to get the idea off the ground and galvanize other Lancaster bar-goers to both call for and act upon a need for change in the way sexual assault is handled in our little city. Catch Sav at the library or at any coffee shop dancing to a song that’s stuck in her head.

Malik Rhodes


There isn’t much to say about myself. You may even be familiar with me already, dad joke aficionado, positivity preaching all around giant goofball. I’ve lived in this city my whole life, started my career tattooing in the heart of downtown and have been lucky enough to be involved in many of the amazing and ongoing community scenes that have blossomed here during my youth into adulthood. Our city is by no means perfect, but it’s clear to anyone paying attention that there are scores of us willing to take the reins in a unified effort to steer it in the direction of future of connectivity where we all look out for one another